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All our solicitors have extensive experience in criminal legal matters. Our services range from very serious criminal matters such as murder, drug trafficking and the like to Local Court hearings and driving matters (see below). Mark Ramsland’s practice is almost exclusively in the area of serious criminal matters. If you or a family member or friend has been charged with any serious offence he is able to take your instructions and represent you in court. We also take applications for legal aid.


The breakdown of a relationship can be a very emotional and traumatic period in a persons life and navigating the family law pathway towards resolution of your property interests and your time with your children can only add to this stress, we offer legal services in and around Newcastle. Ramsland Laidler are experienced solicitors who regularly appear in the Family Law jurisdictions of the Federal Circuit Court and The Family Court of Australia. Our experience will assist you to achieve the best result possible following family breakdown. Our family law team is headed by James Wallace a solicitor with 18 years experience in the family law jurisdiction. James says "In my job I see people at very difficult times in their lives where their emotions are heightened and their plans for the future may seem no longer achievable. I see my role as assisting my clients to move past their emotions to achieve the best outcome possible for their children and themselves."

Ramsland Laidler are able to assist in Legal Aid matters where applicable or on a private basis. Ramsland Laidler understands the difficulties particularly in relation to the expense of family law legal matters and will work with you towards resolving your matter as swiftly and cheaply as possible.


In Local Court matters, prospective clients are able to take advantage of our firm’s status and standing in the Local Courts and superior criminal jurisdiction.

Our Mr Laidler worked in the Courts administration for 20 years and is well versed in the difficulties people encounter when dealing with the justice system. Our Mr Ramsland has practised in the Local, District and Supreme Courts for over 20 years and Mr Wallace has also had extensive Local Court experience.

We are known to Court staff, Local Courts Magistrates and Prosecutors state wide.

If you have any type of Local Court matter including charges associated with driving motor vehicles, allegations of anti social behaviour, apprehended violence orders, licence appeals and any other type of matter listed in the Local Court. Our firm will be able to procure for you the best possible outcome.


Ramsland Laidler specialise in providing legal services regarding Conveyancing for the sale or purchase of Residential Homes, Vacant Land, Strata Title, Community Title and "off the plan" transactions.

We can guide you through your sale or purchase whether you are selling or upgrading your family home, taking your first step of owning your first home or a property investor. Our goal is to make the experience for our clients simple and easy to understand and ensure that our clients are kept up-to-date throughout their matter and understand the process. Michelle McNeil is our Certified Practising Conveyancer and is available to assist you with your property transactions.


Mark Ramsland and Michelle McNeil have had extensive experience in probate and wills matters, they offer professional legal services in Newcastle for these matters. They can prepare at reasonable cost will, powers of attorney and guardianship documents. They can also assist in applying for probate or wills of administration. If you believe you have been unfairly left out of a will you can also seek their advice at a reasonable cost.


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Ramsland Laidler also offer legal assistance to people making compensation claims. If you have been injured or otherwise have suffered loss we may be able to assist you in a claim. Please contact us for further advice.


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